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Thursday August 05, 2010

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Propane generators and natural gas generators can save you money and aggravation. 

You can store propane for years. It does not gum up, go bad, or pollute the air like gasoline.  Your expensive engine will last longer, start better in cold weather and even start next year when you go to use it in an emergency.  The best part is, with one of our do-it-yourself generator conversion kits you can make a propane conversion or natural gas conversion of  your engine from gasoline all by yourself.  Don't think you can? Here is an unsolicited email form one of our customers in Florida:


"I recently purchased a type 4 kit for my generator.  Everything in the kit fit right into place.  The engine started the first crank. We all stood there looking like deer staring at headlights thinking, 'it can't be this easy', but it was.  Thanks."

Sent by Alan J.

Gulf Breeze, Florida

As this letter proves, our do-it-yourself change over kits will make it easy for just about anyone with basic skills and hand tools to convert their gasoline engine to propane or natural gas, or even all three.  We fabricate our own line of top quality do-it-yourself change over kits to make converting to propane and natural gas as easy as possible and at the lowest price. No middleman!  You order direct from the factory kit assembly center.

Conversion benefits include using U.S. domestically produced propane and natural gas, easier starting even in subzero weather, small gasoline engines run better on propane and natural gas with increased engine life of up to 2 or 3 times longer.  Find out even more benefits here Benefits


Do-it-yourself change over kits allow you to run your gasoline generator on propane, natural gas, or all three.  Use the little

bar-b-que grill type cylinders as shown on our main page or up to 1000 gallon tanks as shown below.



If you are confident enough to change a spark plug, you should be able to change your gasoline generator over so that it runs on clean, dependable propane and/or natural gas.



For Type 1, Type 3 and theType A Kits

you can now see a new video showing how easy it is to convert a gasoline carburetor to propane or natural gas!  Click here to see this new feature . . .

"New Carburetor Video"

File size 800 kb using Real Player 5 minute download using 28.8 modem

(Most computers have this program but if yours does not, click on the logo for free installation)


If you can't download the video or if you don't want to wait, we now have a still image page that shows the conversion of a gasoline carburetor to alternate fuel. Click here:

"New Carburetor Still Image Page"


Doing-it-yourself is easy with our Factory Direct Kits.


For Type 2, Type 4 and the Type C Kits

you can now see a Slide Show illustrating how easy it is to add an adapter to most gasoline engines to make them run on propane or natural gas or all three!  Click here to see this new feature . . .


Why use gasoline as a backup fuel for your backup power? Gasoline is notorious for gumming up in the  carburetor which will leave you with no power at all when you need it the most.  Our dedicated propane kits will provide the same power as gasoline and these other benefits:


Propane and Natural Gas Do not Gum up or go bad.


Longer, uninterrupted run times!

Connect to big tanks or to your natural gas pipe line.


Longer generator life!

Running out of fuel under load can damage your generator.


Longer engine life.

Propane and Natural Gas burns clean.


 Don't pay unnecessary taxes.

There are no road taxes on propane or natural gas so why pay road tax for fuel to run your generator?


A true domestic Fuel

Most propane and natural gas is produced right here in the United States.


Still more information is available on our BASIC INFO page.


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